About Us

"Joy and sorrow are the only two known states of mind as far as man is concerned. Divinity is to get past this dual state and be in the state of constant bliss."

--HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

'Global Organisation for Divinity India' (GOD) is a public benefit trust founded by a few like-minded souls to promote divinity as described above, transcending boundaries of caste, creed, religion, age, gender and geography.  The mission is to help promote world peace and harmony and strive for the betterment of the human race by manifesting the divinity that exists in each one of us.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of our organisation are drawn from our Master His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji's teachings.

Sri Swamiji is a renowned spiritual leader and philosopher who practices and propagates the practical aspects of Indian Spirituality to the world.  His key activities are in the direction of educating the people  the fact that real happiness is very much within one's own self and the inner peace and tranquility will naturally lead to universal brotherhood and harmony.  Realisation of this truth in this age of haste and hurry is as much possible as it was in the earlier ages; and can be attained by simple and sustained chanting of the Divine Name.


To promote divinity to establish world peace and harmony for betterment of human society without any social, cultural or geographical boundaries.

The Plan

  • Establish 'Namadwaar' Sanctum, a holy edifice dedicated to continuous chanting of the Mahamantra for human enlightenment and world peace
  • To publish books, journals and media on spirituality towards the objective of universal brotherhood and mutual co-existence.
  • To conduct and perform mass prayers, prayer meetings, ceremonies and rites for the welfare of the society and to conduct specific prayers on request by individuals.
  • Invite speakers to give talks and lecture demonstrations on betterment of human life through spirituality.